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Welcome to Resource Bridge LLC

Resource Bridge is a one of a kind sales and marketing company focused on helping the African community send money abroad to Nigeria and the rest of Africa. We have teamed up with La Nacional, an institution with over 25 years of experience in the money remittance industry, to offer their money transfer platform in Africa. As the largest money transfer company in the Dominican Republic, La Nacional will be using their industry leading platform to ensure that your beneficiaries in Nigeria get their transferred funds in just minutes. Plus La Nacional is safe, secure, fee-friendly and convenient for all parties! Resource Bridge has created the most innovative money transfer solution to Nigeria. Called Nigeria DirectTM , your loved ones and associates can receive money in Nigeria in any bank account 24/7 within minutes.. Aside from Nigeria DirectTM we also offer other transfer solutions such as: Cash, ATM Card Upload, Any Bank Account, Mobile Phone(coming soon)

... send money to your loved ones in minutes with Nigeria DirectTM


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Resource Bridge is not registered as an MSB in the US and is not engaged in the business of providing money remittances. Resource Bridge is an independent sales organization solely authorized by La Nacional to provide sales and marketing services, recruitment of agents and locations on behalf of La Nacional and make introductions to money transfer operators, agent networks and banking facilities in the service area.

Get cash in minutes
ATM Card Upload
ATM Card Upload
Any Bank Account
Receive money directly into bank accounts
Mobile Phone
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