No. You can send money to 85 countries worldwide.
Right now payments are made only in Naira, and at highly competitive rates. But we are earnestly working on the modalities to pay in dollars as well. Please visit our website for further updates on this topic.
Our current exchange rate can be found on the home page - A number of factors including the prevailing interbank rate in Nigeria, coupled with an in-house economics team with over 10 years of FX experience help us determine what the most appropriate rate should be to our customers.
Yes, this can be done by asking for the direct to bank account option when you visit any one of licenced partners 1000+ active authorized agent locations in the U.S
Money can be transferred to any kind of account, checking, savings, and even corporate accounts.
To find the closest agent location to you, please call 201-962-3912 or 201-962-3913
Currently, cash can be picked up across the bank counter at any one of the 300 nationwide branches of Wema and Fidelity Bank.

The following personal information is required from the sender:

- First and last name as it is written on their government issued identification

- Address including zip code, & telephone number

The sender will also supply the following information about the receiver

- First and last name as it is written on their government issued identification

- Full Address

- Receiver's Telephone number.

- Receiver's Bank Name and Account number (for Bank Direct Deposit transfers)

If the funds are transferred using the Bank Account transfer option, no information is required as the funds are transferred directly into the bank account.

However, if the transfer is for cash pick up the receiver/ beneficiary shall provide the following:

- Folio Number a special secret reference number with which the bank shall confirm authenticity of the transaction and receive

- Any government issued identification like International Passport, Drivers License, National ID Card etc.

There is no set limit on how much you can transfer, or how many transfers you can undertake in a given period of time. In instances where a high amount is to be transferred or frequent transfers are expected to be made in a short period of time, we encourage you to bring to Lanacional's attention documentation showing where the funds originated.

A. If you send $3,000 and over, within one calendar month you are required to provide a valid form of Identification i.e. International Passport or other government issued Identification

B. If you send $5,000 and over, within one calendar month you are required to provide the same ID requirement as above and provide documentation that will prove source of funds. The documents include but are not limited to any of the following:

i. The Senders last month bank statement

ii. Copies of pay statement (paystub) from place of work

iii. Copy of the latest Federal Income Tax return

The sender brings to the Lanacional agent the name of the bank and the bank account that the money is to be transferred to. Direct deposit transfers attract an additional surcharge of $2 regardless of amount transferred. Money can be deposited in any bank account in Nigeria.

If the transaction is done before 3:30pm Nigerian Time monies are usually in the recipient's bank account on the same day within 1-2 hours of the transaction occurring. Transactions done later in the day will be made available to the recipient first thing the following business day.

Tel: 201-962-3912 or 201-962-3913

Fax: 201-962-3911


Immediately call our customer service number or send an e-mail. Please remember to have the reference number of the transaction, the beneficiary's name and the agent location the transaction occurred in. We strive to resolve all complaints within one business day.

In the rare event that the customer is not happy with our service, refunds are available for money and commissions paid. The first step is to call or e-mail our customer service department and then we will provide instructions on the paperwork required to fulfill a refund request. Upon receipt of the properly filled out refund request we strive to process all refunds within one business day.

We are currently recruiting and equipping agents for our money transfer services. If you have a business and location that is accessible to the general public, and are interested in being an agent, please call our information center on 1-862-221-9377

Currently the regulatory authorities in Nigeria do not permit us to remit money from Nigeria to foreign countries.

No, Resource Bridge only provides sales and marketing services for IMTOs but it is not directly involved in money transfer.

Currently our platform allows for payments into any savings or current accounts of all Commercial Banks in Nigeria. Our network currently does not directly extend to other types of financial institutions.

Please call our information desk on 201-962-3912

How to Contact Us: Tel: 201-962-3912 or 201-962-3913 | Fax: 201-962-3911 | E-Mail: