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Your security and trust are of the highest importance to us. We work hard to protect all of your personal information and to ensure that you can feel confident knowing that your money is safe with Resource Bridge.

Special Offers: From time to time, Resource Bridge may offer pricing or other specials for transfers to certain destinations up to certain amounts. See website or App for details. Standard fees apply to all other money transfers. Special offers are avaialble only where our partners have licenses. Resource Bridge reserves the right to modify or discontinue any special offer at any time without prior notice.

Money transfer products and payment services are offered by our licensed partners (Envios de Valores Corp, Small World Financial Services, & Omnex Group). It may make money when it changes your dollars into foreign currency. Access to money transfer services and the transfer of funds may be limited, delayed or unavailable during certain periods and/or based on certain transaction conditions. Additional restrictions may apply.

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