• Over 25 years experience in the money remittance industry
  • Low Commissions
  • Strong US Branch and Agent Network (over 1000)
  • Best Exchange Rates
  • We give you multiple receive options:
    • Transfer to ANY Bank Account in Nigeria, and Kenya
    • Transfer to select Banks in Ghana
    • Transfer to mobile wallets in Ghana, MPesa in Kenya, & most mobile wallets in Nigeria

With us sending money is less expensive and your loved ones get more money. Come aboard and enjoy the savings!

See how you save & gain with us relative to other companies

Example: For your Typical $50 money transfer to Nigeria
USD Fee Charged Total Cost ($) FX Rate (N/$) Naira Received
Western Union $50.00 $ 8.00 $ 58.00 355.00 NGN 17,750.00
Resource Bridge $50.00 $5.00 $55.00 355.00 NGN 17,750.00